Work with Joanna Pieters

Whatever stage of your business journey you’re at, I’d love to work with you. I have a range of programmes to allow you to find the one that’s right for you, your life and your business.

Ready to make a serious impact on your life and business?

Powerhouse business coaching

12 sessions taking you through a journey of powerful thinking, transformational insights and purposeful action. This is for you if:

  • You want to achieve goals you never dreamed possible
  • You want accountability and challenge combined with support and motivation
  • You want to find and overcome the practical and mental blocks holding you back

A powerful, solution-focused programme for business owners who want to work hard, challenge themselves, and allow themselves to be the greatest success they can be.


Got a recruitment, delegation or team-building challenge?

Kick-start your team

6 hours of focused work on bringing the right help into your business. This is the ideal programme if:

  • You know you need more help in your business and want support and expertise to get it right from the beginning
  • You want best practice in identifying, recruiting, managing or integrating new team members, whether freelancers or staff, remote or in-person
  • You want to move fast and make real progress

A practical, inspirational programme to work out where you could most benefit from help in your life or business, identify the right person, find and start to work with them.


Got an issue or challenge where you want to dissolve barriers, gain clarity and take action?

Focus and Fix

An hour of laser-focused, creative problem solving, plus 30 minutes of email or call follow-up to ensure you’re on the right path. This is for you if:

  • You have an issue or challenge holding you back, and you’d like to move forwards fast and powerfully
  • You want the reassurance that you’re not left alone, but you have a follow-up session to make your actions as powerful as possible


Not ready for an individual programme?

The Small Business Anti-Overwhelm Toolkit

A 6-week course to give you the tools and techniques to build your virtual team around you. This will be the perfect fit for you if:

  • You’re held back in your business by not having the right people around you 
  • You haven’t got the time to waste by searching out the solutions yourself, and you want best practice, tools and templates to get things working for you immediately
  • You want to work at your own pace, with in-depth training material and resources

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