Why self-belief is holding your business back

Is self-belief holding your business back? Man in handcuffs‘No-one else does things as well as I do.’

Have you ever said that, when you’re justifying not having more assistance in your business?

And it is true?

I hear this frequently from business owners. They’re often energetic, driven, multi-talented, and full of self-belief. That can mean that they genuinely find it difficult to find the right person to help them.

Is it good to be that brilliant?

If you’re saying that, here’s my challenge to you. Look at your business. Look at your website, your marketing material, how quickly you respond to people, your systems for managing your finances, or your orders. Look at your dreams and visions, and what skills you’ll need to have to reach them.

Is there really nothing that couldn’t be improved? Nothing that looks, well, slightly one-man-band? Nothing that’s a bit out of date in its approach?

There’s nothing wrong with being self-sufficient. It can be essential, especially in the early days.

But if you keep at it too long, you’ll find yourself no longer able to keep up. You’ll be losing out to competitors who’ve moved on to the next level. You’ll be missing out on the latest knowledge. You’ll be so busy doing all the stuff that no-one else can do, that you’ll have no time for any of the things that *only* you can do. Like building your business. Getting clients. Keeping them. Making more money. Having fun.

When you claim that no one else can do things as well as you, you’re really saying one of three things. You might be trying to replace yourself doing something genuinely unique. You might be deluding yourself about how good your skills really are.

Why learning to delegate can transform your life

The third option is that you’re simply saying that you don’t know how to find, brief and manage someone so that they really can do things instead of you. And that’s fine. It’s hard to do. Really hard. There’s a reason that good managers get rewarded. But it’s something you can learn. It takes time and practice before you realise that the results you get are directly related to how you’ve managed a situation. I know. I’ve been there. I’m still learning, with every new area I go into.

What will hold you back is convincing yourself that it’s your brilliance instead of your weakness that’s the problem. But if you can, instead, turn that weakness into strength, you’ll find that your possibilities are limitless. Because once you’ve learnt how to tap into other people’s brilliance as if it was your own, you’ll have an endless supply of skills and talent available to you.

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