Decluttering: the top two secrets (and a few more tips)

Mazzali: 'Vela' wardrobeDecluttering. It should be so simple, yet it’s such hard work. We know the rules: less stuff is less effort to keep tidy, less time to find what we want, less time cleaning and less money spent replacing lost items. And yet, clutter just seems to grow.

Your Home magazine wanted to know some decluttering tips from Time Wizard recently. You can find them on the Your Home website here.

But a sneak preview. If you’re going to create space, there are two big rules that underpin everything.

Decluttering is a mindset. Decide what outcome you want – clear kitchen worktops, converting the spare room into a study, less time finding the kids’ clothes – and keep that as your one goal. Write it down and pin it on the wall while you work, if it helps, or set yourself phone reminders that make you ask yourself: is what I’m doing getting me nearer my goal?

It’s all about small decisions. Just take small steps – one thing after another, and you start making real progress. It’s hard work for the brain, though, so give yourself regular breaks and stop when you can’t think clearly any more.

Read more at Your Home here, in Ten Tips to Declutter your Home.

If even the thought of decluttering is stressful, call or email us now. We love creating beautiful, practical spaces from chaos. Tell us what you’d like to get sorted out, and we’ll come and put Time Wizard’s decluttering expertise into practice in your home or office. We offer a free one-hour consultation to understand how we can help – contact us now to book it.

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One Response to Decluttering: the top two secrets (and a few more tips)

  1. Eva Lennon May 15, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    Now your secrets are not secrets. You revealed it and I am going to follow it definitely. Well I enjoyed the read and consider it to be useful. Thanks a ton!

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