When being forced to delegate is a good lesson

I logged into my website yesterday morning planning to make some changes, only to find that my host server was down.

At first sight, this was more than a nuisance. The rest of my week is packed, so this was the only chance I had to get some things sorted.

My options? Keep checking my site to see if it was up. Reorganise my week. Not make the changes I wanted. Get stressed.

Or delegate it. Since that’s what I work with other businesses on, it was the obvious answer.

Fiverr to the rescue

I put up one task on Fiverr, and posted another on PeoplePerHour. It took a bit of time working out exactly what I wanted and writing it down, but of course that’s something I should be doing even before starting work myself.

I had one job (on Fiverr) back in just over an hour. One hour and eight minutes after posting it, to be precise, for the grand sum of $5.

I had some very helpful, intelligent input coming back to me quickly on PPH, and I’m confident that the result will be better than I would have done myself. I’ve also been given a new way of thinking about a particular issue on my site, which is worth far more than the money I spent.

Why don’t I delegate anyway?

So why was I planning to do it in the first place? Well, good question. Like many entrepreneurs, I like control. And I like the ability to experiment and see what works.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, runs the saying. I talked to another business owner recently who had been immobilised by a broken leg, and unable to deliver some of the work she does. She’s now decided that she needs to expand faster than she’d planned and take on other staff so that her business can continue to run and make money if something like that happened again.

So I’m glad my website is up again (and glad it wasn’t me who had sort it out: I’m very relieved the days of having my own server are long gone). But it’s prompted me to look at getting much more regular help with my site. It’s what I tell business owners to do all the time, so it’s about time I listened to myself.

Have you been forced to delegate by circumstances? What did it teach you?


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