How to delegate: organise your life this weekend

To-do list

Don’t get stuck on your to-do list, try delegating

If you’ve never outsourced your personal life before, it can be a bit daunting. Here’s a quick, easy process to find your first job to delegate.

Look at your to-do list. In particular, look for things that have been on it for more than a month, or things you know you’re putting off.

Take one of those tasks. Jot down:

  • What outcome you want (new broadband provider in place; flights booked for that weekend away)
  • Any processes you want to go through (check providers on a comparison search engine, look at relative costs of flying at different times)
  • If someone else did it, how would you want the information? (a chart or simple email, top 3 cheapest services with info on tie-ins/service speeds; 2 options and costs of flights for Friday evening and Sunday evening).
  • The maximum time you’d expect someone to spend on it
  • Is there anything you particularly do or don’t want? (avoiding a particular supplier; want to check in 1 suitcase)
  • When you need it done by

You’re now in a perfect position to hand it over to someone else.

If you don’t know the answer to any of these, ask yourself if that’s what’s stopping you doing it. Often delaying is a great way of not making decisions about what you really want.

Once you do know, you’re in a perfect position to hand it over it over to someone else, with the information you jotted down. You’ve just created the perfect piece of delegation.

Then add the next item on the list, and suddenly you’ve started your to-delegate list, rather than your to-do list.


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