How to turn round an unproductive day

We all have unproductive days when things just don’t flow properly. It’s hard to get down to work, we get easily distracted, and we find ourselves plagued by negative thoughts. 

Here’s a piece on 5 great ways to rescue an unproductive day I wrote for women’s business site Women Unlimited. Meditation, using a timer and finding a task to outsource are all great tactics to get things moving.

What it all comes down to, though, is our minds.

Mindset is everything

Our minds our curious things. We like to think we control them, but the truth is often different. The way we react to a situation is influenced by any number of things. Perhaps how tired we are, or hungry, whether we’ve had a row with our partner or a great session at the gym. We might be anxious about something without even realising it. It all gets in the way of the free-flowing creativity that allows you to achieve the things you want.

Listen to your mood

So if there’s one thing you need to master, it’s your mind. Here’s a short exercise to try to work out what’s going in your mind and in your body, and turn it around.

Sit comfortably in a chair, somewhere where it’s calm enough to think.

Close your eyes, and breathe calmly.

Scan slowly down through your mind and your body, simply noticing how the different parts feel.

Ask yourself: What’s your mood? Are you anxious, angry, bored, frustrated?

What’s your body saying? Is it tired, stressed, or restless with too much energy?

When you’re ready, open your eyes.

Write down what you feel. Then, next to it, write down how you’d like to be feeling right now.

Spend a few minutes considering how you could actively shift things from your current state to the one you’d like to be in. Could you call someone you trust for a motivating pep talk? How about writing down a list of recent achievements to boost your self-confidence?

If you’re feeling physically stressed, perhaps you could take a fast walk for 10 minutes. If you’re worried about something specific, try to find one practical solution to try, and either do it then, or write it in your diary to make it happen.

If it’s an underlying anxiety, try to work out what’s causing it. Is it worry over money, time, health, family? Ask yourself how much the anxiety is grounded in present circumstances, or whether it’s anxiety about a situation unlikely to happen. Assuming you can’t solve it immediately, decide on one small action you can take that might help you towards improving it, or towards you feeling more in control. Again, either do it now, or schedule a time to do it soon. 

You can find 5 great ways to rescue an unproductive day here. Do leave a comment there, or back here, to tell me the things that work best for you.


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