How to beat list procrastination

Time is ticking - are you procrastinating?At Time Wizard, we know that no matter how efficient and high-powered you are at work, it’s somehow much harder to keep your home life running smoothly.

So there were groans of recognition all round at journalist Rowan Pelling’s reflections on procrastination on the BBC website, and the stories of epic delays sent in by readers. I particularly liked Steve Swift’s admission:

When we first got married, my wife brought home a whiteboard on which we could list the jobs that needed to be done. About a year later it disappeared. Just before our silver wedding anniversary, I found the whiteboard in our garage. There were about 20 jobs on it. None of them had been done – and most of them still needed to be done.

While I’ve got a while before my 25th wedding anniversary, I can see the danger. So I’m trying to look at my to-do list and give everything one of three labels:

  • Do it – and give it a time-frame
  • Forget it (at least until it actually disrupts my life)
  • Get someone else to do it or organise it

Getting someone else to do it means deciding what I really want doing – but often that’s what’s stopping me getting round to it in the first place. If you’re new to bringing in help like that, our step-by-step guide to starting delegating should help.

Alternatively, contact us to find out how we can help you avoid the embarrassing whiteboard in the garage.


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