Your Christmas party outfit action plan

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Killer heels at the ready, but does the rest of your party outfit go?

December means parties… office parties, client drinks, champagne at the neighbours, family gatherings. And that means getting your winter party outfits sorted out and ready to go.

Now’s the time to check your outfits, especially if they’re not things you wear regularly. There’s nothing like being confident you’ve got the right thing to wear, as well as avoiding last-minute shopping or dry-cleaning crises.

Find an hour or so now to go through our party wardrobe action plan, and be glad you did for the rest of the year.

  • List the events you’re likely to need suitable clothes for.
  • Work through it, and try to put together an outfit quickly and easily for everything on the list. If you can’t, what’s missing?  List what you’d really like or need.
  • Do you have the right accessories? Do you need new shoes to go with that favourite dress? Did you get frustrated with last year’s clutch bag not being the right size?
  • Be honest: do favourite clothes still really work for you? If it used to fit beautifully but now doesn’t, the most fabulous frock won’t make you look your best. If you really want to keep something, consider whether you could have it altered.
  • Check for anything from last year that needs repairing – missing buttons, loose stitches, worn linings or fastenings. What about that beautiful but broken earring, or wobbly heel? Put them in a bag to take for repair now.
  • Is everything clean and ironed? If not, don’t allow it back in the wardrobe until it’s ready to wear.
  • Organise a big drop-off to your regular dry cleaner, or ensure things are put into your normal laundry system. Take in your repairs to your tailor, jeweller, bag repairer, or wherever is appropriate.
  • Book a shopping trip, time to look online or session with a personal shopper to make sure you fill in the gaps.

Write a list of what you’ve decided to wear for each event, complete with accessories, and keep it in your wardrobe.

And then when the party comes, now matter how little time you have, you can slip on the perfect outfit, seize exactly the right bag, earrings and shoes, and go out and be fabulous. 


Too much to do but need to look the part this season? We can help. Contact us now, and we’ll sort out everything from getting your shoes restored to finding the perfect personal shopper for you.

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