Meditation: a business task worth finding time for

Meditation: worth making time forThe last thing you need when you’re dealing with overwhelm is one more thing to do. But research suggests that meditation might be one task that actually improves your productivity.

Stress can easily leave your mind feeling scattered and distracted. Keeping yourself focused is essential if you’re trying to make any kind of progress in your life or your business, but it’s tough when you’re responsible for keeping everything running.

However, students who took part in meditation-based mindfulness classes for just two weeks did significantly better in comprehension tests, as well as keeping themselves more focused and suffering less mental distraction. If you’ve ever had to read something twice because you’re not concentrating, or forgotten something important, consider how improving those things could impact your effectiveness.

Meditation already has plenty of fans in the business world (ThinkProductive’s Graham Allcott’s reflections on a month of integrating it into his working life are worth a read), and its benefits are increasingly backed up with science. Researchers last year observed a physical change in the part of the brain responsible for emotional processing in those who took part in an 8 week course of meditation, while a study in 2011 found even a brief meditation course appeared to increase the ability of participants to deal with pain by reducing the brain’s response to it.

If you’re looking for a different way to get clarity into your day, and improved mental energy, meditation could be a route worth trying. As as added benefit, it’s free and takes much less time than going to the gym. If you fancy mobility, here are 8 de-stressing meditation apps, whether you want sessions designed for walking down the road, 10 minute quick-fixes, or just the ringing of bells to accompany your thoughts.


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