Is your business like you, warts and all?

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When we run a small business, we often want our business to be like us.

If you’re creative, you want it to be glorious and multi-faceted.

If you’re playful, you want it to be joyous.

If you’re detail-obsessed, you want it to have perfect customer service.

The problem is that it becomes more like us than we intend.

If you’re disorganised, your business will be disorganised.

If you get overwhelmed easily, your business will struggle to do everything it needs to.

If you’re detail-obsessed, your business probably won’t deliver, because nothing is ever perfect.

We forget that we’re complex, challenging individuals ourselves. We get tired, we get stressed, we forget things, we treat people badly, we treat people better than they perhaps deserve, we put our energy into the wrong things, we can’t see the wood for the trees.

So your business will do all those things too, if it’s just you.

And that’s why your business has to be bigger than you. You need a ying to your yang, a Laurel to your Hardy, a Steve Wozniak to your Steve Jobs.

Even if you can’t afford another member of staff, a coach or a business partner, you need to start to think as though you could. Start to see yourself as a bit part in your wider business. Start to achieve a vision that is bigger than your own hands. Focus on how you can do what you really, truly, are great at, and find ways to avoid being at your worst. 

Until you can, use friends, colleagues and mentors to remind you of what you need to do.

Use a vision board to remind you of the big picture.

Plan your diary so you can’t avoid the stuff you hate but is necessary.

And as soon you can, get help. Get a freelance for two hours a week. Get someone to answer the phone. Do whatever it takes to free your business from your weaknesses.

Save your time and energy for the things where you can truly change the world.


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