I couldn’t trust a freelancer with my business

Mario Testino for Vogue: a freelancer at the top of his game

Mario Testino for Vogue: just a freelancer

If you ever think that a freelance couldn’t possibly do important work for your business, it’s time to take a walk to your nearest newsagent.

There, head for the magazine stand.

Notice how magazine editors put together their magazines. Who do they give responsibility to for the biggest and best stories? The ones they rely on for big sales?

When Michael Lewis interviews Barack Obama for Vanity Fair, do you think he’s suddenly moved into the corporate office?

When the editor of Vogue commissions Mario Testino to create an iconic cover image, do you think she’s relying on his employment terms? 

Then look at any specialist magazine. Caravanning, sport, construction, psychology. They’re all full of articles written by people who rarely set foot in a publishing office.

They’re experts in their fields. They’re journalists who know exactly how to ask a difficult question and get an answer. They’re specialists in an industry. They’re people who have the direct phone line of the agent of the star everyone wants to talk to.

Do they want to work in an office and write for the same person day in, day out? Rarely.

Do they understand what their readers want, and what the magazine they’re working for needs? Do they want to do a remarkable job? Oh yes.

The world’s biggest magazines and newspapers know that using freelancers is the way to get the best experts onto their team. It’s the way to get the most exciting articles, the most ground-breaking research. It’s the way to sell more copies, beat the competition and succeed in business.

Next time you find yourself thinking that a freelancer might not get it, pretend you’re the editor of Vanity Fair. Then pick up the phone and ask the best person you know to come and do the job for you, brilliantly.

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