Be the best you can be


What’s stopping you flying?

What’s dragging you down, sapping your energy, taking your resources away? What do you have to do that forces you to work to your weaknesses rather than your strengths?

It’s different for each one of us. Some people find cooking dinner for their family is a wonderful way of recharging their batteries. For others it’s simply stressful, boring and unrewarding. Some find a curious satisfaction in sorting mundane paperwork, while others end up frazzled and ready to bite the head off anyone who makes the wrong comment.

Work out what it is. And ask yourself why you have to do it.

What would happen if someone else did it for you? How would it affect people? Would they be upset, or would they actually be happier that they didn’t have to experience you doing something you hate?

How would you feel? Guilty and embarrassed, maybe? Or relieved and calm? Guilt is a very powerful and irrational way of keeping us from living to our full potential. It comes from plenty of places, but is often related to an unreal vision of what you ‘should’ be. Allow yourself to experiment in your mind. How can you turn that image of no longer doing something into something positive? What would it take to make you feel relieved and calm?

If you’re repeatedly doing something that interferes with your mood, your happiness, your energy, you need to change it. And that means, if you can, getting someone else to take it on.

When you work to your strengths, everything flows. You’re happier, healthier, less stressed. Everyone around you benefits.

When you work to your weaknesses, the reverse is true. You may think you’re doing it for yourself, or for other people, but your stress almost inevitably transfers onto them. And that’s even before you think of what good things you could do for them, or you, if you truly did things that were right, and energising.

What areas of weakness could you get rid of today?

And what should replace them with?

If you’d like some help working it out, and putting together a strategy to make permanent change, talk to me today. I can help you create the life you want, once you’re ready to lay down the stress holding you down. 


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