7 secrets of a highly unsuccessful business owner

Secrets of an Unsuccessful Business Owner1. Systems stink!

Systems get in the way of creativity. It’s SO much better to think through things every time you do them. Maybe you’ll come up with something you’ve never thought of before. You’re learning all the time, so you get to experiment with new approaches. You won’t be sure which ones work well, but you won’t really care. After all, you didn’t go into business to do the same thing every day.

2. Clients need individual treatment

All your clients are different, so you couldn’t possibly create standard ways of dealing with them. What would they think if they got the same approach every time they worked with you? Variety is much more fun! You’ll have problems getting enough clients as it is, without having to pin yourself down.

3. Don’t believe in automating things

You know those systems that send out newsletters at the same time every week, or schedule blogs when you know someone’s on holiday? I hate them as much as you do. You won’t get round to communicating much with your clients, it’s true, but at least they know it’s you when you do. I’m sure they’ll read your emails. You’ll put loads of time into sending them all out.

4. Copywriting is overrated

Those awful sales letters, and upbeat web pages, telling you how marvellous someone is – they’re just so transparent, aren’t they? Well, I guess they get sales, as most of the most successful people seem to use them, but I’m sure they’ve got someone else to do it, or they’re just really good at writing. Anyway, you don’t have enough time to learn to do something like that.

5. Technology is a waste of time

Don’t do Twitter, or any of that social stuff. Does anyone really use it anyway? You’ll hear people saying that that a gmail email address isn’t the best way of doing business, but don’t listen to them – they get the email, don’t they?

6. Never trust anyone else to help you

No one else could possibly do things as well as you do. You’ve been doing it yourself for ever, and everyone else out there is just useless. You don’t want to spend your time explaining things to people. It’s quicker to do it yourself.

7. Umm…

I can only think of six. Does that matter?

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