7 essential get-ahead tasks for November

What to do in November

When the autumn leaves are falling, it’s a great time to get ahead before the festive season

November isn’t traditionally a planning month, but at Time Wizard, we find it a great time to get ahead with things before the business of December begins. After all, once the festive season arrives, you want to be able to relax and enjoy it with friends and family, not worry about the size of your to-do list.

So here are 7 top things we’re talking about with our clients this month.

1. Get your central heating checked

You know how it is. The first snow comes, the boiler goes into overdrive and gives up. Having your boiler and central heating serviced now can save you stress and emergency call out fees. If you’ve been meaning to replace your boiler, doing it now will mean you start saving money immediately, as modern models will almost certainly be more efficient than your older one.

2. Check your utility bills

Prices of gas and electricity are already rising. If you haven’t already fixed your rates, it’s certainly worth checking whether you’re on the best rate. Consider integrating services: Utility Warehouse, for instance, gives you discounts for every additional service you take from them, including broadband and phone line.

3. Buy your Christmas presents this month

There’s nothing like the stress of feeling you need the perfect present to get in the way of making decisions. Write down the presents you know you want to get, and divide them up so you do some each week so they’re all organised by the end of the month. If you don’t know what you’re going to get people, deciding on one type of present for everyone – books for all childen, for instance – means you narrow down your options and can choose faster.

4 Think through festive practicalities

Spend a bit of time thinking through the detail of your plans and what you’ll need to sort out. Will you need a babysitter for new year, or do you need to choose a restaurant for that dinner with friends? Will you need to hire wine glasses and order drinks for the party you’re planning? What about booking that supermarket delivery slot already? Most things booked now can be cancelled, but if you organise them at least some of them now, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed later. You may well also pay less and have more choice.

5. Plan ahead for complicated tasks

What always causes you stress at Christmas? Do you need to sort through terrabytes of digital photos to make that photobook for the grandparents? Does choosing your party playlist always cause arguments? Starting work on them now, when you have a few minutes to spare, will mean you’re much further ahead by the time you need the results.

6. Clear out your summer clothes

It’s time to admit it, summer clothes are not likely to be getting much of an outing before next spring. Organise all your summer wear, shoes and accessories into storage bags or boxes to clear space in your wardrobe. If you find there are things you didn’t wear, it’s a perfect time to get rid of them. You’re unlikely to change your mind by next year, and they’ll be a further year older. Make sure everything is clean first, but don’t bother ironing them – they’ll only get crumpled over the next few months.

7. Think about your summer 2013 holiday already

February is traditionally the busiest month for booking holidays, but knowing what you want to do means you’ll be well placed to get good deals and the dates you want when you book. If you know you want to go mountain walking, elephant tracking, or find the holiday to suit your over-active 9 year old, stroppily independent teen and stressed-out spouse, but you’re not sure where, order a couple of guide books now to leaf through, or do some initial online research. You’re more likely to find the right destination if you’ve had time to think through what you’d really like. If you can book it now, even better, but hey, we’re not demanding super-human organisation!

What are your November tips to make the rest of the year enjoyable and productive?

If you like the sound of some of these things, but just don’t have the time, give us a call now on 08915 890088. We’ll be delighted to arrange a 1-hour FREE consultation about how we can make your life easier, and you healthier and happier. 

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