The ‘mummy track’ is real, say executive women

Can you have family life and a career?

Green shoots – but women say raising a family puts them on the ‘mummy track’ of slow career growth

If you think that having children has compromised your career, you’re not alone. Nearly half of executive women say their career growth has slowed because of becoming a parent: 46% of women, compared to 35% of men.

The survey of business executives across 31 countries by Accenture again shows it’s women’s careers who take more of a hit through parenting – the so-called ‘mummy track’. Some of it is likely to be by choice – although that conclusion isn’t necessarily positive, as choice may well be driven by a lack of suitable alternatives.

Although 59% of all respondents have flexible working arrangements, that has a downside. Tellingly, 64%  reported that they’ve stayed in a job longer than they would have done otherwise because of those arrangements. And even with that, 41% say that work negatively impacts time with their family.

However,  71% feel they have a work-life balance most or all of the time, despite three-quarters also having a spouse or partner who works full-time.  Which proves what we believe at Time Wizard: busy families are incredibly skilled at finding time for everything.

Have kids compromised your career? We’d like to know what you think.

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