Female breadwinners: glorious or guilt-ridden?

Breadwinning - a source of stress?Women as the main or sole breadwinner in their family isn’t new, but there are more women than ever before taking on that role. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For many women, it’s a deep source of anxiety, stress and even guilt. Even for those who usually celebrate it, an ill-timed comment from a friend or a child knowing exactly where your ‘guilt button’ is, can turn a good day into a painful one.

Men, too, can find it hard to take, particularly those who’ve opted for the stay-at-home role. Equality there still has a way to go, and friends and colleagues can’t be relied upon to understand the choice of a high-achieving man to dive into toddler music groups and laundry. It’s not necessarily easy, either, to see their partner return home, flushed with success at a deal pulled off, or friends getting acclaim and promotion.

Coach, writer and speaker Jenny Garrett has interviewed and worked with hundreds of women for her ground-breaking book on female breadwinners, Rocking Your Role. As as result, she’s developed a 12-step programme for women who are main breadwinners to support them in their roles. “Being the female breadwinner is the trigger, catalyst and cause for many complex issues that women have to manage’ says Jenny. ‘I want every female breadwinner to recognise they have support and not feel isolated. I want them to stand tall and proud in their skin and celebrate their situation.’

We’re pleased to be supporting Jenny’s next Women’s Leadership Success Programme, a one-day, intensive course certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Jenny will be teaching her method, covering both practical and emotional issues that come up for female breadwinners, from managing finances to celebrating femininity.

Joanna Pieters, director of Time Wizard, will be leading a session on how to build a team around you at home to be even more successful. She’ll be sharing practical ways to find, use and keep using additional help to support you in your personal life. Business coach Andrew Priestley will lead a session on managing finance, and Amber Khan will look at wellness for working mothers.

The day is perfect for any professional woman who feels that she would benefit from some support in her role, and would like to network with a small group of like-minded women.

The 4 March course in central London is booking quickly. Book directly here, or call us to organise it for you.


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