The 20 top freelance hires to transform your sales – now

When you’re first outsourcing, sales and marketing should be your go-to place if you want quick financial results. That’s because when you’re already selling something successfully, you’ve got proof that what you’re offering has value. You’ve probably got some knowledge of your ideal customer, and the ways you’ve successfully reached them and convinced them to […]

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8 must-read signs it’s time to delegate in your business

I’m frequently asked: ‘when should I bring in help to my small business?’ The answer is almost always ‘sooner than you think you should’. But here are 8 sure-fire questions to work out whether you could benefit from getting in help right now. #1 Are you bringing in money? You don’t need to have much […]

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Inspiration is a drug – and how to make the most of it

If you’ve ever been fired up by a business book, an awesome TED talk, or a fabulous conversation, but found that all the energy you had has drained away after a couple of days, my latest guest post for Women Unlimited is for you. You’ll find out why inspiration is so powerful, but why it […]

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5 tough questions you MUST ask before you hire a freelancer (#5 will save you lots of time and money)

So you’re about to hire a freelancer in to finally shift that project off your desk… but stop! Before you commit time, energy and money, it’s time to get tough with yourself. Here are five questions you need answers to – before you hand over anything. #1 Am I 100% certain what needs to be […]

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Why stress might, after all, be good for you

Think stress is likely to be life-shortening? Think again. This awesome TED talk from the brilliant Kelly McGonigal last year blows that idea out of the water. We’re used to thinking that we need to reduce our stress before it cuts us down in our prime, before it damages everything from our marriages to every

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Time Wizard Awards 2013

2013 has been an extraordinary year for me. I’ve totally transformed my business, taking it in a new direction, with the help of a huge range of brilliant people, books, organisations, services and blogs that have inspired, motivated and informed me. So here are the Time Wizard Awards 2013: the very best of the best. […]

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3 great ways to delegate for under £30

If you’ve seen my last post on Help! My brain won’t let me delegate! then you’ll know that even the idea of delegation triggers lots of uncomfortable reactions from your brain. But the key to making it ok for your brain is to keep doing it, over and over, until it starts becoming second nature. […]

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Help! My brain won’t let me delegate!

Your brain has two natural conditions: calm, relaxed and creative, or ready to protect you from a perceived threat. Naturally, we all tend to spend far more time in the ‘negative’ state of avoiding threats. That was probably a very useful thing in evolutionary terms, but it can be downright obstructive when we’re trying to […]

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Effective delegation: if you know how to delegate, you can achieve anything

How to delegate, and why I want your questions

Knowing how to delegate is the secret of every successful leader. If you know how to hand over work to the right person in the right way, the whole world opens up to you. Throughout this month I’m going to be writing and talking about how to delegate. Partly because I’m super excited that my […]

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Clock: is your VA missing deadlines

7 ways to get your VA to deliver to a deadline

A common complaint about working with virtual assistants is that work isn’t done when you want it. You can’t make someone else manage their time well, but there are plenty of ways you can give yourself the best chance of getting work done when you need it. 1. Give as much notice as you can […]

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