Grow your business with better delegation and outsourcing


The greatest block to growth for small businesses and solopreneurs is not taking on the additional help at the right time. We can help you grow your business by freeing your time to focus on the important things.

We work with you to understand and identify where getting help will have the greatest impact. That might be:

  • Bringing in an expert to develop a particular area
  • Delegating low-value but essential tasks
  • Streamlining your systems to save mistakes and time
  • Finding someone to do a one-off task
  • Recruiting a contractor or employee for long-term work

If you’re not ready to hand over work yet, we can help set up processes that allow you to bring someone else in either now or in the future, without causing additional stress or worry. We can help recruit and integrate specialists, virtual or employed staff.

We can also work with you on an ongoing basis, keeping everything running smoothly and helping you make the most of everyone’s time.

Improve your quality of life with the right help

At home or at work, we can help identify the sources of your greatest stress, and the things you’d most like to have more time for. We will work with you to achieve that dream of more time and less stress.

A highly personalised service

We offer a highly personalised consultancy service. Talk to us now about how we work and our rates.

Call Joanna Pieters now on 07815 890088 or complete our online form for a no-commitment first conversation about how we might be able to help you.

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