Joanna Pieters and Time Wizard in the press

I’ve been talking to PremierLine about the importance of mentoring in your small business, and how to find a mentor.

I write for the Huffington Post about productivity, time management and living your life to the full.

I’m a regular columnist for small business site Women Unlimited, where I share regular tips on growing a small business, productivity, motivation and building a virtual team.

Prowess 2.0 supports women in business, and wanted to have the low-down on effective delegation

Essentials magazine asked me how to stop procrastinating and get things done NOW.

Woman’s Own wanted to know about how women can make more time for themselves. Here’s the article they ran.

Your Home Magazine said, ‘Help! How do we declutter our home? Please give us ten top tips!‘  So I did.

Gulf News’s Friday Magazine wanted to know about working with your body clock to get more done. Here’s what I suggested.

Yummy Mummy Beauty was thinking about how to get on top of things. So I gave them some of my favourite ways of getting organised.

I love talking about people can become healthier and happier by taking control of their life and time. To request a comment, interview or to commission an article, please get in touch with me.

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