New Workshop: Grow your business without staff

Powerful tools for coaches, consultants and solo business owners

7 November 2013, central London

Make more money, do more of what you love, and find the right people to take on everything else

  • Are you fed up with doing everything yourself, using up your best energy and time on the things you don’t like doing?
  • Have you had enough of seeing your competitors succeed faster and better?
  • Do you want to focus on the things you’re good at and enjoy? 
  • Or have you had enough of getting slow, late, poor-quality work from VAs and freelancers, and want to know how to get the right results, every time?

Successful business owners focus on what they do best and outsource the rest

Get it right, and it can change your life. Get it wrong, and it will cost you thousands of pounds in time, money and energy. 

This practical, empowering workshop day gives you the tools and techniques to grow your business and your income by working with freelancers, interns, consultants, virtual assistants and other partners.

By the end of the day you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Use freelancers, contractors, interns and partners as your virtual team

  • Protect your business by ensuring it can run even if you’re ill or away

  • Avoid the trap of ‘do everything, do everything badly‘ (while your competitors are getting it right)

  • Get the results you want from your team, every time

  • Save thousands of pounds and many hours of expensive mistakes by getting the right person and the right brief from day 1

Part 1 (9.45-12.45): beating the cycle of overwhelm

  • Why you’re the biggest barrier to success, and what you can do about it

  • Understanding the options: freelance or employee, intern or contractor, local or remote? How to choose between them

  • How to use freelance job sites including Elance and Odesk, how and where to advertise, and how to use your networks

  • How to delegate on a shoestring (or less)

You’ll come out with a crystal-clear idea of who you want to use in your business, and how to go about finding them.  

Part 2 (1.45-4.45): brilliant briefing & fearless feedback

  • The number one reason you don’t get the result you want

  • 8 steps to foolproof delegation

  • The crucial difference between one-off jobs and repeat tasks

  • The top secrets of giving powerful feedback

  • How to build a successful long-term relationship

You’ll come out with an action plan for your real-life tasks to delegate immediately. 

Although you’ll get the best by joining both parts, I know that your time has lots of demands on it. So I’ve made it possible for you to book for just one half of the day, if you can’t make to to the whole day. 

What does it cost?

First, consider how much NOT delegating properly is costing you. If your time is worth £100/hour, and you could get just 5 extra hours a week, that’s £23,000 a year you’re losing by not delegating (that’s £100 x 5 hours x 46 weeks – and maybe you’re working more weeks than that just to get it all done). Can you afford to lose that much?

Tickets start at just £90 for a half-day. You’ll get lots of value, but you’ll get even more  by taking the whole workshop at £130. But watch out – those are early bird prices, and they’ll go up at 30 October at 6pm.

You can also book a 60-minute follow up session with me so you can ensure that your plans have the best possible chance of succeeding, at a special reduced rate ONLY for delegates who book in advance. (Skype or phone, to be used by 13 December 2013)

I'd love to you join me here for

  • Ideas and best practice for growing your business
  • Advice on building a top-performing virtual team
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